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At ANTLR Interactive we are passionate about custom software development and software application development. There can be no short cuts in the custom software development business. As such, you will never see us mixing and matching our custom software developers. Our web application team only develops web applications.

Some software companies are moving towards subscription based software in today’s marketplace. SaaS is actually a business model that allows companies to open up their software to anyone who wants to use it for a monthly fee. Netflix is a good example of SaaS. Due to an increasing demand for subscription based software, we are seeing a lot of companies release their own industry specific software to the public, and charge a fee to those who subscribe.

ANTLR Interactive develops Enterprise Software. Sometimes called Enterprise Application Software (EAS) is software that is designed to make small, medium, and large companies run more efficiently. Some examples of enterprise software includes: customer relationship management (CRM), content management, point of sale (POS), parts ordering, fractional ownership software, resource planning, and similar types of integrated IT solutions. Most businesses that are looking for enterprise software are looking for a solution by which they can build their entire business upon. If developed correctly, EAS can take care of all of your selling, billing, shipping, and intercompany communication needs.

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